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Get it right the first time with top-of-the-line recording equipment. Hear what you really sound like.

Compete with the best in the industry. Give your song the sonic clarity it deserves.

The last step before your fans ears. Finalize your tracks professionally for album release.


My name is Jharee. I designed my studio with the artist in mind. Sound quality is the 2nd most important thing when creating music, right after creativity of course! My clients songs are recorded, mixed, and mastered in an acoustically treated and controlled environment. Coupled with amazing gear and expertise, the only outcome is sonic greatness.


Xavy Rusan

"Higher Self" by Xavy Rusan combines lush guitar, hard hitting drums, and a motivational flow.

Hear more music from Xavy Rusan right here.

Mixed by Jharee at Music To Prosper

Courtesy of Epidemic Sound Inc.


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Moline, IL 61265

My studio is open 7 days a week: 10am-9pm


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